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psychedelic guides and therapists

The Flowing Fears Signature Workshop

January 7th | 11:00 am PST | Show in my timezone
Hosted by
Jennifer Summerfeldt

Have You Noticed Your Clients Struggling to Integrate What They Have Experienced During a Psychedelic Session, Leaving Them Stuck in Past Patterns of Suffering and Survival Stress?

The Flowing Fears Process...

Is a step-by-step modality that helps clients safely discharge stuck emotions and limiting core beliefs from their system so they can redirect energy towards the life they want to be living.

What You Will Discover During Our Time Together...

Intro to The Flowing Fears Process

Overview of the 10 step process and how each step supports the next.

Unpacking Psychedelics and Survival Stress

How psychedelics can trigger resistance and protective patterns

A Reflection On Integration

Discussion on psychedelic integration and preparation

A Beautiful PDF Workbook

You will receive a Fearlessly Thriving workbook for deeper reflection.


About Jennifer

Jennifer Summerfeldt is a mother, therapist, author and space holder who is passionate about profundity and beauty as a portal to touching the sacred. She has a gift in presence that naturally invites others to deep dive into the internal landscape and transpersonal realms where healing and birthing can be tapped into as transformational experiences. An avid learner, Jennifer has studied trauma and attachment research, polyvagal theory, neurobiology, altered states of consciousness, somatic theories, deep inquiry and mindfulness, all of which inform her work as a therapist, writer and human on a quest to uncover the nature of reality.

She is the author of the books Healing After Birth and Midwifery for the Soul as well as countless other publications and is the CEO of ASK therapy for moms, a virtual counselling clinic specializing in perinatal mental health support. She developed the Flowing Fears Process, a therapeutic tool which combines multiple theories and modalities into one fluid system that takes the client down and under, and up and out. In her spare time, Jennifer enjoys spending time with her adult children, step-children and husband in the beautiful Okanagan valley region of British Columbia. She loves writing, preparing food, designing jewelry, communing with nature, dancing kizomba and having deep and beautiful conversations. 

January 7th
11:00 am PST
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